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Wirtschaftstexte der Ur III-Zeit aus dem British Museum
Die Umma-Texte aus den Archaeologischen Museen zu Istanbul
Neo-Sumerian texts
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Sumerian Economic Texts I
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Testi Cuneiformi Neo-Sumerici da Drehem
Tabulae Cuneiformes a F.M.Th. de Liagre Boehl Collectae, Leidae Conservatae III
A Contribution to the Early Isin Craft Archive
Mycenaean and Near Eastern Economic Archives
Untersuchungen zur neusumerischen Textilindustrie, Roma 1972
Die Umma-Texte aus den Archaeologischen Museen zu Istanbul, Band III
Are the Bible's Stories True?
The Seven Wonders: The Hanging Gardens of 'Babylon'
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